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Reference Textfile Archives

"Ideas are more dangerous than guns. We don't allow our enemies guns, so why should we allow them ideas.- Stalin"

Kali's Down With The Shadowwar!

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Last Updated April 15, 2006 by Daniel 'von Doom' Santiago, send email to romulus33@juno.com.

100 ways to disappear and live free

How to make alcohol...

Anonymous remailers for privacy

Credit card fraud in the 90's

Doubleought's survival station firearms

Emergency heating, lighting, cooking factfile

Emergency shelter factfile

Emergency water treatment factfile

Fbi file request form

Get your FBI file

Usenet post on defeating polygraphs

Interrogation Techniques

State knifelaws

Libertarian guerilla warfare

Survival medicine part 1

Survival medicine part 2

Usenet post #2 on defeating polygraphs

Usenet post #3 on defeating polygraphs

Red box construction

Sixty uses of baking soda

Sixty uses of salt

Sixty uses of vinegar

Survival weapons

Urban survival factfile

Concealed and improvised weapons

DIY stungun electronic schematics

Manufacture of PCP

Seattle time article on gutterpunks

Squatting legal rights (mostly for California)

Opening a bank account without a social security #

A listing of hidden weapons

Direct action reading list (turn off that TV, read some good books)

Homemade Armor

Thread on fighting dirty from Antisocial.com (pretty funny)

Avenger's Handbook

How to get details on anyone

A SWAT glossary

Generic scanner frequency guide

Shortwave Radio Guide

800-1300 MHz Listing Guide

Listening on Air-Ground Phone Communications

Frequencies for NYC Emergency services

Shotgun Loads

Black Powder Guns

Interstate Transport of Personal Firearm Laws

What you should know if you're accused of a crime

What to do if you get stopped by police

Ten things NOT to do if arrested (good advice)!

Introduction to Pirate Radio

Communications for Survival- Radio 101

500 useful recipes (from a 1861 book)

Listing of good survival books

Links to Solidarity Sites

BIG first aid file

Bartering with goods and food

HUGE file on homebrewing (suggest you download first then read it)

Swears in other languages (What do you call a multicultural New Yorker? One that curse out someone else in THEIR language!! I try to live up to it, proudly.)

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