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Best of Poison Pen

"WORLD PEACE? Fuck world peace! Visiualize my foot up your hippie ass!"

Our mascot Bandit, the anarcho-survivalist drunkpunk!

Several years ago friend and I put out a printed zine called "Poison Pen" focusing on urban survival from the viewpoint of two anarcho-squatter punks with articles focusing on survival/ diy how-to's, cheap living, weaponry, scams, and dirty tricks. Many articles were not included here because they were obsolete or reprinted form elsewhere. All of these files were written by us and as we stated in the original zine everything here is anti-copyright and may be reproduced at will.

ATTENTION- We've had some technical difficulties lately. So some pictures and files may be down. Hopefully it will be fixed in a week or so. Sorry!

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Last Updated January 15, 2004 by Daniel 'von Doom' Santiago,send email to romulus33@juno.com

The Enemy Within- from Poison Pen #3

Survival reality vs. Survival fantasy- from Poison Pen #4

Millineium madness goes bust- from Poison Pen #5

Scanning 101- from Poison Pen #1

Privacy tips from the man- from Poison Pen #1

Doktor's Words of Wisdom- from Poison Pen #1

Why I Love TV News- from Poison Pen #1

Quick and dirty hiding places- from Poison Pen #1 and #2

A Message To All Potential Felons- from Poison Pen #2

A Message To The Politikally Korrect- from Poison Pen #2

Poor man's arsenal- from Poison Pen #3

Suffer The Children Again- from Poison Pen #3

Useful formulas- from Poison Pen #3

Scavenging for fun and profit- from Poison Pen #4

The Connection Between Cartoons and Drug Use- from Poison Pen #4

Introduction to living off the land- from Poison Pen #4

Invisible man department- from Poison Pen #4

Recipe for mead- from Poison Pen #4

Free Alcohol- from Poison Pen #4

170 makeshift weapons- from Poison Pen #5

Alternate Economics of Bartering-from Poison Pen #5

DIY bullentin board- from Poison Pen #5

Drug Testing Countermeasures- from Poison Pen #5

Food stamp card and Cd/ book club skams- from Poison Pen #5

Survival source list- from Poison Pen #5

Three level survival kits- was to be in Poison Pen #6

100 ideas to live frugally- was to be in Poison Pen #6

80 dirty tricks for bored nihilists- was to be in Poison Pen #6

When we said no law, we MEANT IT!

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