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Links to other Nefarious Sites

Jesus, smoking CRACK with his apostles! The rock is LORD, ha ha!!

This is a little list (well not so little anymore since its grown to over 300 links and my tracker tells me this is the most popular section) I compiled of cool sites. There's a little of everything here- MP3's, publishers of dangerous books, libertarian and anarchist shit, hacker/ phreaker shit, punk shit, drinking shit, survival shit, self defense shit, privacy shit, DIY and frugal living shit, and other miscellaneous shit. Plus, I just updated and trying to put up more travel and squatting(hobo style) and conspiracy theories (for you crackpots out there who actually believe in such things) links. So have fun and enjoy them. If anyone knows of any cool sites please email or if you discover a broken link please do the same. It would be much appreciated.

Click on raven for homepage.

Last Updated Feburary 12, 2009 by Daniel 'von Doom' Santiago, send email to brimstone999@gmx.com.

Dangerous book sites

Shadowliving Tactical Manual (not a site just a dangerous book I wrote- check it out)

Deltapress.com -publishes nice books the Man would love to ban

Paladin-press.com -see above

Loompanics.com - see above

Consumertronics (good books)

AK Press (anti-authoritarian books)

Microcosm Publishing

Eden Press

FS Books

Laissezfaire Books

Uncle Fester's Books

Atomic Books

Forbidden Library (list of banned books- the list may surprise you!)

Libertarian, anarchist, and alternate news sites

Crimethinc Collective

Profane Existence (making punk a threat again!)

Hatewatch.org -keeps an eye on Nazis and other simliar shitheads

Freedom Technology Resource Directory (free new order)

Illegalvoices.org (by and for anarchists of color)

Anarchism in Action

Class War (cool anarcho-brits who keep warm by burning thr rich!)

Anarchist Arguments Against Capitalism

@Infoshop.org (online anarchist community)

Practical Anarchy

Independent Media Center (Fuck CNN! Get some REAL news)

Democracy now

Thought Criminal.com (anti-establishment rants, news)

Free Speech TV (what freedom looks like)

Theyrule.net (find out who the REALLY runs this country!!)

Corpwatch.org (watches those nasty corporations)

Temporary Autonomous Zone

We Need A New System

The Reality Zone



Deshrubify Amerikkka (for only SERIOUS Bush haters!)

Information Clearing House

Ben Frank (good libertarian stuff!)

Subvertise.org (GREAT subversive adbusters type art)

Sniggle (culturejamming archive)

Guerrilla News Network

Alternative Press Center

Propaganda Remix Project (old WW2 posters mutated into anti-authority posters)

Anti-state (capitalistic anarchists??!!)

Attack The System


Here in Reality

The Revolutionist

Strike The Root

Drug War Rant

End War On Freedom

Revolutionary Left

Outlaw Journalism

Lew Rockwell

Nihilism related sites

Nihilist Void

Center for Nihilist and Nihilist Studies

Anarchist Nihilist Underground Society

Thought Crime

Nihil Press (zines with no morals)

Survival related sites (ok-so many are right-wing but they ALL have good info, survival knows no politics!!)

Frugal Squirrel's Homepage

Alpha Diaster Contingencies

Equipped to Survival

Preparedness Nuggets Pages

Rocky Mountain Survival Group


U.S. Army Survival and Land Navigation Manuals


The Ranger Digest (tips on outdoor survival)

Lots of survival oriented links here

Total Resistance (for militias but lots of good info)

A professional's (as in yuppie) links to survival literature (it's actually good!)

Survivalring.org (resource for personal survival, etc. information

Survival Forum.com

Homeland Defence.com

The Outlands (page for survival, star wars, and rpg's- hmm.. geeks with guns??)

Ducttape 101 Guys (fuuny as hell, they make MacGyer look like an amateur!)

Ken L. Holder's Preparedness Page

Survival Bill's Retreat

Snakebite's Den

Thomas Keating's Survival Site

Jimbo's Survival Page

Widening Gyre (from N. Ireland)

Captain Dave's Survival Center

New York Survivor

Survival X

Gentle Survivalist (new agey, no gun talk but cool)

Sarajevo Survival Guide (by Bosnia War survivors- good info)

Survivalist Info Site

Survival Bible (from Canada)

Self Sufficency and Self Reliance Homepage


Survival Bill

How to Survive a Nuclear War (don't laugh- this is a reprint of Cresson Kearny's book I read many years ago, it's very good)

Merck Manual of Medical Information

Survival Primer

Militia Skills

Reader's Guide to Tactical Field Manuals

Outdoors Magazine

Sensible Affordable Survival Living

Emergency Email (get severe weather, homeland security, amber alerts by email, cell, or pager for free!)

Bison Press

Bison Survival Blog (done by the same guy as above)

Crazy Crow Online Blog

Fort Liberty

Wildwood Survival

Survival Arts Blog

Lehman's (ever wonder where the Amish get their appilances from?)

Earth Mountainview

Wilderness Survival Skills

Backwoods Home Magazine

Survival Center (survival supplier)

Preparedness Plus (Emcy. Food Storage)

Cumberland General Store

Emergency Essentials

Downloadable Military Manuals

Self-defense related sites

Drearic.com (great tactical and self defense site- lots of articles)

Righteous Warrior Temple (more of the great shit from above)

The Martialist (the site for those don't fight fairly)

Packing.com (about concealed carry gunlaws)

Gunlaws.com (speaks for itself!)

Guns America (gun classifieds)

Gutterfighting.org (Read this ONLY if you have a strong stomach!)


Suarez International (self defense forum)

Realfighting.com (streetfighter e-zine)

Blade Forums (for those who love knives)

Stormpages.com (lots of self defense links)

Self Defense Links and Info

No Nonsense Self Defense (very good!)

Defend University

Dr. Ruthless (self-defense site by and for females)


Modern Warrior

Fighting Arts

Get Tough (lots of manuals)

Self-defense and Hikuta martial arts. Extreme self-defense that is easy to learn.

Privacy, Anonymous Surfing, Encryption, and Countersurveillance related sites



Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (lots of info)

Electronic Privacy Information Clearinghouse

Update site for J.J. Luna's book How to be Invisible (if you are serious about privacy you MUST read this book!! Lots of post-9-11 stuff in it.)

The Claire Files

No 2 ID

Real ID Rebellion

Exit The Matrix

Michael Paladin's Privacy Site

Privacy Outlaw

Privacy Offshore

What's my IP address

Peer Guardian 2 (P2P IP blocker)

Stay Invisible- Internet Privacy and Security

How To Vanish Forever!

Neat video on decoding the barcode on your license

Good E-book "Lies About The Lie Detector (has chapter on countermeasures too)!

Zabasearch (intrusive search engine- if your name is in here, I'd figure out a way to get it OUT NOW!)

Zoominfo (another one of those despicable sites)

People Finders (another damn one- keep spreading like plague)

Background Check Search Links

New ID's (this fake id site is here ONLY because a good source said it was good and not a ripoff, I do not trust most of this places)

Privacy.li (computer privacy site from Europe)

Freebooter (good articles)

Power Privacy

Church of the Swimming Elephant (funny name but they're serious about internet privacy)

The Missing Amendment (guess what it is)

Browzar- Private Online Browser (requires no installation; leaves no history, cache, auto-completes, or cookies. Only 264K)

Clusty.com (private metasearch engine)

Scroogle (secure online google browser)

Fake Name Generator (just like it says)

Disposable Email Services

10 Minute Mail (temporary email address

Bigstring (self-destructing IM and email)

File.io (disposable online file sharing)

PGP International (encrypted email software)

Hushmail.com (free encrypted webmail)

Mailinater (true anonymous email, just make up a name, add "@mailinator", and go to the site to rertieve.)

Steganos.com (more webmail encryption)

Spychecker (security software downloads)

Ipinfo (find out about your Ip address)

Anonbrowse (anonymous web surfing)

Anonymizer (anonymous web surfing)

V Tunnel (anonymous browsing proxy)

ProxyVibe (see above)

Idzap (see above)

The Cloak (see above)

Proxy Lord (see above)

Hide My Ass (speaks for itself- gotta love that name!)

Guardster (proxy)

Megaproxy (web vpn with ssl- NOT free)

List of Proxy Bypassers (it's long)

List of 250+ working proxies (Warning- May not be anonymous)

Anonymouse (free anonymous surfing and email)

Anonymise (anonymous web surfing)

Anonsurf (see above)

Anonymous Browsing Quickstart Page

JAP (anonymity and privacy software)

Muiltiproxy (software using anonymzing proxy servers)

Anonymous Hosting Services

Anonymous Proxy Servers

TOR (Anonymous Internet Communications)

Torpark (combines Tor and firefox to fit on flashdrive- neat!)

Email Privacy Info

Anonymous Remailers for Email

PSST! (encrypted voice and instant messaging software)

Encrypted Messenger (plug-in for MS, Yahoo, AIM, Goggle, ICQ, and Jabber IM's)

Grandcentral (private voicemail that forwards to your real phone #)

Numbr (disposable phone number)

Skype (VoIP Phone not anonymous but a lot more private than landline or cell)

Granite Island Group (about electronic surveillance and bug detection)

Clandestine Electronics (VERY good surveillance countermeasures info)

Technical Security Countermeasures (electronic countermeasures)

Marty Kaiser, Inc. Surveillance Primer

SWS Security (surveillance articles)

Spies Online

NY surveillance camera players

Surveillance Issues (some of this stuff is little kooky but still interesting)

Homebrew Military/ Espionage Electronics (This is RICH!!)

U.S. DOJ Guidelines For Seizing Computers

Computer Forensics Lab (if you think your computer is safe, check these guys out run by the feds!!)

Hacker and phreaker sites

Mighty Iron Feather Journal HQ

Temple of the Screaming Electron




Archive of hacked websites

Cult of the Dead Cow

Best Hacking Downloads on Net

Unixpunx.com (where punkrock and technology meet)

2600.net (famous phreaker zine)

Phonelosers.org (another band of crazed phreakers)



Underground News



Elite Top List




Progenic (Top 100 hack site list)

The Hacker's Catalog

Hackers Playground (tools downloads)

Iconoclast NOW Database

Hack A Day

I Hacked



DIY and Frugual Living Sites

All Things Frugal. Com

DIY Search

Diy-auction.com (good alternative to Ebay plus has diy how-to's)

Launder'd DIY (DIY for the poor guy)


Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery (CLAWS)

All 4 Free

Dollar Stretcher

Ant's Frugal Tips

Thrifty fun

Frugal Living In UK

Frugal village

Simple Living

Frugual Living

The Frugal Life

Homemade Medicine

Living on a Dime

One Income Living

Divatribe (frugal articles)

Recycle It!

Frugal Corner

Frugal Living for College Students

Possum Living- reprint of frugal living book (dated 1978 but still useful)

Poor Skills (tips, tricks for living poor)

Frugal For Life Blog

25 Ways to Save on Food

Tips For Living On A Fixed Income

Seattle DIY

Path To Freedom

A-Links Library Project

Steward 'How-To' Guide

Ready Made Magazine

City Farmer- Urban Agriculture Notes

2000 Freebies

The Free Site

Cool Freebies

101 Deals

Teen Freeway (free shit for teens or pretending teens)

Freecycle (cool network where people give away stuff they no longer want or need)

Cheap Eats

Or If You're REAL Frugal- Dumpster Diving Links

Dumpster World

The Dumpster Lady

Skippy on Dumpster Diving


Goddess Of Garbage

Bob The Earthling's Dumpster Page

Dumpster Diving- An Introduction

Dan's Trashy Page

Livejournal Dumpster Diving Community

Dumpster Diving- One Man's Trash...

Dumpster Diving For Fun And Profit


Interesting Catalogs

Cheaper Than Dirt (military surplus webcatalog)

The Sportsman's Guide

Shomertec.com (webcatalog that sells shit the pigs love to use on people like us!)

Southern Ordanance


Pyrotek Inc. (sells pyrotechnic supplies, chemicals, etc.)

Skylighters, Inc. (more of the same)

Elemental Scientific, LLC (sells the same plus lab glassware)

Amazing Devices (same as above plus many more amazing devices (hint.. hint!)

The Pyropage (good info so you don't blow off your fingers or get arrested while making those pyrotechnics)

United Nuclear (pyrochimemical supplier they even sell uranium ore!)

Get a slingshot with LASER SIGHTS!

Bad Diplomacy (or foreign shittalking)

Alternative Dictionaries - learn to talk shit in 60 languages

Insultmonger's Swearsaurus- learn more shit to talk but in 150 languages (enough insults here for a diplomat to start a world war at the UN!!)

MP3 sites

These guys have europunk MP3's

Mp3s for Punxs

Subsociety (french dudes with lots of anarchopunk mp3 links)

Fucking Punk Rock

Worldwidepunks.com- if your a punk this is the only address you'll need


Punk Planet Zine

We the Punx


Punk Connect (personals with mohawks)

Missing Foundation (old school industrial terrorists from NY lower east side, these guys have influenced us plenty! Check 'em out!!)

Offical Nausea Site (old school anarchopunk from NYC)

Leftover Crack (yep, the band. Good friends of ours. We even smoked crack with 'em!)

Evilmusic.com (Blackmetal, Hail Satan, 666- you know the deal)

Book Your Own Fucking Life (punk DIY resource)

Dirty adult stuff

Suicidegirls.com (we don't live on bread and booze alone!)

Pornforpunks.com (more of the above- speaks for itself!)

Hot Punk Girl (take a guess)


Manic Jane

Erotic BPM

Fatal Beauty

No Fauxx

Gun Girls

Gun Chicks

Fuck For Forest

Hobo style traveling and squatting sites

Trainhopper's Space

How to Hop Freights (good if you never did it)

Sammy the Scavenger's Travel Guide

Digihitch.com (for you ride freeloaders out there)

Erideshare.com (another one)

Globalfreeloaders.com (stay for free too when you get there!)

U.S. Hostels

Urban adventuring By Wes Modes (has some trainhopping stuff here)

Hobotravler.com (lots of cool tips from a worldwide traveler)


ASS -Advisory Service for Squatters (mostly UK/ Europe)

The Joys(?) of Being Homeless (if you're traveling and living on streets- this has good info)


Travel Library.com

International Communities

Infiltration (urban exploration or to boldly go where no person is supposed to go)

Squ@t!net (info on squatters- mostly Europe but some on NYC, SF)

Unreal Estate (a squatter's handbook)

Squatting Info from BuildResources

When Authorities Comes To Your Squat

Legalities About Squatting

Yahoo! Groups- Drop Out

Roaddawgz.org (resource for hobo travellers, squatters- based in SF)


Squat The Planet (travel/ squatting journal- pretty cool)

Institute for Applied Piracy (cool journal)

Crustheaven (ditry kidz unite??!!- funny but useful.)

Travel Independent

Hobo News

It is REALLY just conspiracy??

Yes, it is as bad as you think and they ARE out to get you!!


Surfing The Apocalypse

Human Undreground

Grand Conspiracy Library

Propaganda Matrix

Prison Planet (We're not only ones that think this world is one big concertration camp)

Blackvault.com (files on governement secrecy)


Information Clearing House

The Black Flag

American Freedom News

Democratic Underground

Go Off

Cloak and Dagger

Assassination Science

Jeff Rense Program

Beware Of This Info

Beyond Treason

911 Truth

The Resistance Manifesto

Conspiracy Central

Loosechange 911

Sk8angr Links

Illumination Artwork

Vigilant Watcher

Real Radio Archives

Spiritually Smart

Beer (aka-liquid bread)is good food!

40 Ounce Malt Liquor- Beer, Ghetto Style

Realbeer.com- if you love to drink you must go here

Beerchurch.com (this is the ONLY church we attend!!)

Modern Drunkard Zine

Brew Beer Here

Good legal stuff

American Civil Liberties Union

Get your own FBI record

Get your criminal record file (all 50 states listing)

Nolo.com (known the law, stay out of jail)

The Jailhouse Lawyer

Just Cause Law Collective (best stuff I've seen in a long time!!)

Fully Informed Juror Association

CSDC (they take free speech cases pro-bono)

Center for Individual Rights (same as above)

Good text file sites

Army Field Manuals

Science Madness

Wantsomfes's Kangaroo Corner (don't let the goofy name fool ya', this has some very DANGEROUS info)

The Disease.Net (more guys with a screw loose)

nw0.com (more bad ideas)

The Global Conspiracy (see above)

Digital Information Society

Avenger's Front Page

Megalomania's Controversial Chemlab

Ozymandia's Sabotage Handbook

Codename Insight

Orlok's Information

MIT Guide to Lockpicking

Miscellaneous stuff that didn't fit anywhere else

The Onion

News of The Weird

Justin Duerr's Site (he's a artist/ musician from Philly really cool stuff here)


Asylum Nation

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